Monday, December 31, 2012


Don't [Cubicles]  <>  too hard but work smart.  May your boss appreciate you and say [Thumbs Up]    [Good Job]  <> .
Take care of yourself [Dreaming]  <> .    Pamper yourself and buy some beautiful [Shopping]  <> [Wedding Dress]  <> .
Don't worry coz   [Dollar]  <>    will come from above.   May you also purchase  or change a [House]  <>   and a [Car]  <> . May the days ahead be busy but easy [Watching The Clock]  <> ,     [Relax]  <>   and  go [Cruising]  <> [Pilot]  <> around the world.   It's important to have good health,  therefore, eat more [Apple]  <> [Broccoli]  <> [Carrots]  <>   and [Corn]  <> , but not too much [Fat]  <>   [Fat Guy]  <> .   Do remember to [Tennis]  <>  at least once a week.  My best wishes to you and all your [Family Portrait]  <>   in the coming year 2013!

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